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The Active tab lists all current, active employees that are part of your organization. Access the active employee list by navigating to Settings > Employees in the Insights Dashboard. The Active tab includes the following functionality:

Organization Limits

The Organization Limits provide a quick overview of the current count of active employees and leaders compared with the amounts included in your product package. To adjust your limits, contact your account manager.

Search for an Employee Record

To quickly find an employee record, the magnifying glass icon allows you to access search functionality. You can search for an employee using their name, email, phone, employee ID, or Emplify ID.

Download a List of Active Employees

Click the download icon to access a CSV with the data for all current employees. 

Emplify Tip: The download functionality can be used to get your employee list ready for your next survey.

Add a New Employee

Click the plus sign icon to access the Add Employee form. Learn more about the Add Employee form here.

View List of Active Employees

The full list of current employees is available in the Active tab. Employees can be sorted by their email address, phone number, first name, last name, and role (employee or leader).

The Alerts column notifies you of any employee records that need attention: 

The triangle icon identifies employees who are included in a survey, but have no groupings associated with their record. These employees won't be included in any of the group reports for the Emplify Survey.

The no-circle icon identifies leaders who are set to not receive the survey. They will not be included in the survey participant list or count.

Edit or Update an Employee Record

To see the data associated with an employee record or edit that data, click on VIEW in the row associated with that employee. This will open the Employee Profile. Learn more about editing an employee record here.

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