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Instructions on how to add an employee to the Emplify Portal

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The Add Employee form can be used to add an employee or leader to the Emplify Portal. If you have a lot of employee edits or additions, you can make employee data changes through a data import before your next survey. 

Emplify Tip: We recommend only including employees who have been with your organization for at least six weeks. This allows them to have enough context to answer about their work experience when participating in the survey.

Follow these steps to add an employee:

1. Navigate to Settings in the menu on the left.

 Select the Employees list section to open the employee list for your organization.

2. Click the "+" icon to open the Add Employee form.

3. Enter the Employee information.

In order to create a new employee, a unique phone number and/or email address is required. 

Their first, middle, and last name can also be entered along with the birthdate of the employee. Including the birthdate will allow the employee to be included in the Generation report for the Emplify Survey. If your organization uses unique IDs for employees, this can be added in the Employer ID field.

4. Complete the employee record.


Listing the Start Date for an employee will include their responses in the Tenure and Hire Cohort reports. You will also want to assign the Group Memberships and Attributes for the employee. This will include them in the group reports for the Emplify Survey.

Access to People Insights

If the employee should have access to People Insights, select their role:

  • Employee - The employee role allows users to be included in the engagement assessment. Users with the employee role do not have access to People Insights.

  • Leader - The leader role allows users to have full or limited access to assessment results.

  • Organization Admin - The organization admin role can manage employee and group data. This role can also be given full, limited, or no access to assessment results.

Note: If you have reached the leader limit for your product package, this section will be disabled and display the following message, "Leader Limit Reached." To adjust your limit, contact your Account Manager.

You can choose the access level to control what results they can view:

  • Full Access - Users with full access will see the assessment results, feedback, and actions for the entire organization.

  • Limited Access - Users with limited access will only see assessment results, feedback, and actions for the groups they have access to. To give an employee Limited Access, select that permission level and choose the groups they should have access to.

Note: Limited Access is not available for all product packages. If your package does not include this functionality, contact your Account Manager.

You can also add or remove permissions to the results at a later date by editing an employee record. Employees who have been given access to People Insights will receive an email notification to set their password and login.


You can also update the settings for an employee. If you want someone to have access to the People Insights Dashboard, but not be a survey participant, you can turn the Receiving Surveys setting to No.

If you are sending the survey via SMS, but an employee has requested to not receive SMS messages, you can set SMS Notifications to No.

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