1. Make sure SmartPulse status is FINISHED. 

This means that the SmartPulse is no longer accepting responses and all the comments have been collected.

2. Click VIEW to review comments. 

This allows you to review the comments that were received before choosing to publish to Group/Limited Access Leaders.

3. To share SmartPulse responses, click on Publish.

4. Review Group Leaders and select who should have access to the SmartPulse comments. 

When you choose to publish a SmartPulse, a list of all the Group/Limited Access Leaders who have access to that group's results displays. After reviewing the list, you can choose to publish to all the leaders listed, select certain leaders, or cancel.

To select all leaders on the list, click the box next to "Leaders granted access":

To select specific leaders from the list, click the box next to each leaders name:

After a SmartPulse has been published, Group Leaders will receive an email notifying them they have been given access to the SmartPulse comments. 

You can choose to Unpublish responses at any time so leaders no longer see the SmartPulse comments. To review who has access, click the Published status to view the list of leaders.

Note: If a leader has left the organization and should no longer have access, go to the Employees section and mark them as terminated rather than selecting to Unpublish responses. Setting a leader to terminated, will remove their access to all data in the Emplify Insights portal.

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