Providing feedback to employees who will receive the SmartPulse is an important step to build trust in the process and prepare them for the next step. The sample email below can be used as a guide for the President/CEO or HR to acknowledge the results of the survey to these employees:

Team members,

Thank you for participating in the employee survey a few weeks ago. Your open and honest feedback is an important contribution and will only help us as we plan actions. The second phase of this process will soon begin with a goal of getting more specific comments on areas we can improve.  

Some of you will receive a simple 1 question invitation on [Start Date] from Emplify.

  • This question will ask you for your suggestions around a specific aspect of work engagement.

  • This question is provided by Emplify and all results will be stored in their system. At no point will your name be attached to your comments (unless you type it in).

  • The question will be available for four business days. Please be sure to complete before [end date].

Thanks in advance. This will help us move farther, faster.

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