Communication Plan to Promote the Survey

Best practices to communicate before the survey begins

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Getting actionable data and achieving strong participation is within your own power! Below is a recipe for success to help with participation before the survey.

1. Pick a Strategic Send Time

Make sure we’re sending the survey on a day/week when employees have the time and mental space to participate. Avoid times of high workload, vacations, annual reviews, open enrollment, or recent acquisition or RIF.

2. Prep the CEO Ask

Use our pre-written email template to send an awareness email or text or live message “from the top” that highlights why you’re doing this and why it’s safe. Tell employees that the survey will be sent via email or text. Employees with personal email service (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc) may need to watch their junk folder, as well.

Surveys sent via email will come from

Surveys sent via SMS will come from 97267

3. Announce Where Your People Are

If your employees live on Slack or IM, promote the survey there. Or if your employees clock in/out, add a sign above the time clock. Or put a sticker on checks. Or a poster in the break room.

4. Recruit Your Managers to Promote to Their Teams

Ask your directors and department heads to promote the survey during meetings and throughout the week prior to survey launch. They will want to see this valuable data to help their teams, so give them an opportunity to help.

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