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Example CEO Announcement for Additional Surveys During Year
Example CEO Announcement for Additional Surveys During Year

Participation in subsequent surveys is maximized when employees hear about it from the top executive.

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Here are some example templates that the President/CEO can borrow from as a guide for announcing the "why" and "when" of a subsequent quarterly survey to all employees.

Example 1


Thank you for taking the employee survey conducted by Emplify in October. Based on those results, Emplify then asked employees in some locations to anonymously tell us more about an identified weakness, and I read every single comment. During this I sometimes felt [like a bucket of ice was dumped on my head, but it's good to know the truth]. Here’s how we are acting on your collective feedback:

  1. I appointed a committee comprised of [leadership and factory employees] to prioritize actions based on the comment themes

  2. One key action is a [change to how overtime is assigned]

  3. Another key action is a review of [our evaluation process with the goal of making it more consistent]

  4. Our final action is building a [mentoring program for factory supervisors to become more effective managers]

Some of these actions take time to do well. We will finish them. While we work them out, it’s time for survey [#2]. We will build a habit of doing this multiple times per year. We do this so we can tell if our in-process actions are working as well as to understand if anything else comes up since we are in a time of [high growth and industry change.] I’m asking you to stick with me on this and spend another 6 minutes on a survey no matter if you feel work is going well or poorly. If you don’t, we won’t know how to help and get better together. I’m paying attention.

Survey [#2] is coming from Emplify on [January 22] via text and/or email, so please watch for it. Please direct any other survey-related questions to [HR at ____].

Thank you for your continued trust and commitment,


Example 2


I want to express my appreciation to everyone who participated in our last engagement survey. [86%] of our employees responded, which is an exceptionally high response. The chart below reflects our engagement scores from each of our previous surveys and we are delighted to report that our [80.43 score] ranks us in the [top 6%] of Emplify’s customers! The vertical graphs also show our percentage distribution by level of engagement: 

[Image of Engagement Flow percent view]
I was pleased to see increased participation by [the Administration team]. I appreciated the additional candid feedback, which helps us identify where we need to improve as a company! Based on the feedback in the last survey, we took the following actions: 

  1. To help build [Trust] we began [a new process to build team collaboration].

  2. Through [Feedback] scores, we learned that [our onboarding process needs improvement. The team is working on adjusting this process to help new hires].

  3. [Purpose], or understanding why the business exists led us to [discuss the company vision in department meetings with staff and managers].

  4. [Professional Development] scores revealed [training needs. This is being addressed through a new growth plan program that your manager will develop with you]. 

I encourage everyone to participate in the next survey with honest feedback to help us continue to make this business great. Your opinions matter in helping us understand areas of concern that we need to address. You can expect to receive the next survey within [timeframe].

Thank you for your continued trust and commitment,


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