Organization leaders in the Emplify Portal with access to the full survey results have the ability to give group leaders access to the engagement report for a specific group or groups.

To give a new group leader access to the engagement report, navigate to the "Groups" section located in the menu on the left. Search functionality is available at the top of this section to help you quickly find a group. The Groups section also includes the following columns to help you sort and find groups:

  • Group Type - These are the segments (i.e. Department or Location) that are included in your engagement report. By clicking on the Group Type label, you can sort the view to see these alphabetically. This will allow you to quickly give leaders access to the different groups within a Group Type segment.

  • Name - This column lists all the specific groups (i.e. Sales, Finance) that are a part of your engagement report. Click on the Name label to sort the list alphabetically.

  • Number of Members - This shows how many employees are included in each group.

  • Report Owners - This column displays the group leaders that have access to view the results for that group. Hover over the names of the group leaders to see the full list of leaders that can view the results. Note: This only lists group leaders, not organization leaders who have access to the full results for the entire organization.

Adding Group Leaders to a Group

1. In the Groups view, find the group you want to add a leader to. Click "Edit" to make changes to that group. 

2. Go to the "Group Report Owners" section. Click "Add Report Owner" to give a user access to the report for this group.

3. Type the name or email address for the person that should have access to the results for this group.

4. Select the correct person from the list and click "Send." The user is now enabled as a group leader and can see the survey results for this group. They will get an email inviting them to access the Emplify Portal. Note: If a group leader is added to more than one group, they will get an email alerting them of each group they were given access to.

5. Once a Group Leader has been added, they will receive the following email to access the Emplify Portal. Group Leaders can follow our sign in process to log in. 

Note: The number of leaders that are available for your organization is dependent on your product package. If you are unable to add more leaders and need to adjust this number, contact your Employee Engagement Strategist.

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