If you have US-based employees that speak Spanish as their primary language, having translated survey statements is only the final step in a process that gets responses from this important segment of your organization. Currently the Emplify Insights product does offer Spanish survey statements in certain packages, but we also provide you the more important tips below to prep and motivate this audience to want to take the survey. Real customer experiences have shown that the following recommendations work:

1. Take extra time to impress the confidential nature of the survey before invites are sent. 

For employees whose native tongue is Spanish, trust is an ultimate cultural value that is carried through to their work. Over-communicate that you really want to hear from them and know what they really think. You can only help them if they are fully honest.

2. Engage your supervisors and managers as owners in this process.

Before the survey happens, be sure that your supervisors/managers understand the survey process and are on board. Ask them (especially a Hispanic supervisor/manager) to tell their Spanish-speaking employees how much leadership wants their honest survey answers and that no one will know who said what. Once the first survey completes, be sure to have these same supervisors share some group results and actions so these employees see the value of their participation.

3. If feasible, invite the Spanish-speaking employees to take the survey as a group in the same location(s) at the same time. 

Having someone there that they trust who can assist with questions demonstrates the importance of the process and the genuine interest of leadership. Be sure the employees understand that you are doing this out of care in making the process easier and not to coerce them into taking a survey.

4. Consider recording a short video featuring a co-worker they trust that describes the process and translates the questions. 

Finally, it is possible you have some employees who speak Spanish but may not read it. The employees can then use the video and pause and restart the video as they take the survey. Alternately, the video can be used in the situation above if you have them taking the survey in groups.

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