As you prepare for your next survey, take time to review the groups you want to include in your engagement report. This is your opportunity to change group names, adjust group sizes, or restructure groupings. Follow this guide to make sure your groups are providing the best insights for your organization.

To begin the process, review your previous engagement report from your last survey in the Insights Web Portal. As you look at the groupings that were included, note changes or improvements you would like to make in the following areas:

1. Review and Restructure Groups

If you have groups that couldn't be reported on in the last survey, evaluate if any of these groups should be restructured. If there were too few people to present results, consider combining groups to include more employees and increasing the likelihood that results can be presented. Were there groups that were hard to take action on? This is an opportunity to adjust the groupings that will be presented in your engagement report before the next survey begins.

2. Identify Group Name Changes

Your organization may have had some changes since the last survey. As you prepare for the next survey, this is an opportunity to change group names. In order to show engagement trends for a group from one survey to the next, note any changes to the names of groups so we can update these in our system.

3. Add New Groups

This is also the best opportunity to add new groups or a new group type if you are not currently using the three groups types that are available. Groups and group types help you segment your employee population and identify areas for focus and action. Consider adding these categories of group types:

  • Location (i.e. "HQ," "home office," or actual building or city names)

  • Department

  • Manager

  • Role (Note: while this group type can provide valuable insights, creating groups from job titles may lead to a lot of groups with fewer than 5 employees to report on. Rather than using specific job titles, which can be unique, group employees by type of work (e.g., Office, Field, Executive, Manager, non-Manager, etc.)

  • Gender

  • Compensation Type (i.e. salaried, hourly, non-exempt, variable comp, etc.)

  • Shift

  • Ethnicity

4. Note Inactive Groups to be Archived

If a group or group type is no longer applicable to your organization, we can archive that data so it is no longer included in the engagement report. Note any groups that you would like to archive and we will update our system to exclude those groupings from the report.

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