SmartPulse provides employees the opportunity to anonymously comment on an area of improvement found in the Emplify survey results. The comments often tell the "why" behind the low [or high] score identified in the Emplify survey. This additional context helps to inform and guide an action plan for leaders of your organization. Emplify uses a specific methodology to help unlock this power.


  • Group vs. Entire Org. We can target a grouping, multiple groupings, or the entire organization. (Some limits in certain subscription packages.)

  • 1 question. The question can be about any engagement driver, but we do not allow employees to be asked about multiple things as this dilutes the response quality. The best choice is typically one of the Struggles in the "Focus Areas" section.

  • Uses Emplify's tested wording. We use pre-developed questions that lead to actionable solutions from employees. Read the question that corresponds to each driver here. These questions ask groups of employees who reported a shared engagement weakness [or strength] during the last Emplify Survey to solve this specific problem.

  • Invites sent only from Emplify. We use the same method we used to deliver the survey invitation. SmartPulse participants will receive a unique link to the mobile-friendly comment box.


  • Sent within 1 week of results acknowledgement. You and your Strategist will decide the actual delivery date.

  • Open for 4 business days. The SmartPulse open period is intentionally shorter than our survey open period. Experience shows this is the right amount of "pushing" to maximize authentic responses from employees.

Confidentiality and Reporting

  • Responses are anonymous. We only invite groups of 5+ employees to comment on a shared issue. Focusing on groups of 5+ prevents it from being apparent which members of that group responded to the question.

  • Employee responses are displayed without changes. Emplify does not obscure or change the wording or punctuation in an employee comment because this can affect the intent of what is being communicated.

  • Average response rate is 45%. This can vary depending on your initial survey response rate.

  • Results are available in the Insights Portal once the SmartPulse launches. (more here).

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