Creating your groupings is an important part of the survey process. Defined groups will allow you to understand what areas of your organization are engaged and what areas you need to focus on.

1. Which groups should I include?

The most important aspect of grouping your employees is picking strategic groupings that represent key areas of your business where you might see different engagement patterns or have the ability to act with focus. An example of a good group here is department. A group that wouldn't be as valuable might be title. Titles can vary greatly and rarely are consistent enough to deliver valuable high-level understanding.

2. Group Sizes and Response Rate

To protect employee confidentiality, we only share results for groups where 5+ employees responded. This means that a group needs to have at least 5 employees in it to be able to view engagement results. Many customer see high value by having 8-15 employees per group.

A 100% response rate for a single group is not always typical, and small group sizes can lead to groups where there aren't enough responses to present results. Plan your group sizes based on expected response rates. With a typical response rate of 72%, a minimum group size of 8-10 should be large enough to receive 5 responses.

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