Statements included in the Working from Home assessment

  1. I feel like I need a day off
  2. I often feel tired before I start work for the day
  3. I feel emotionally drained while working
  4. After work I have enough energy for my personal life
  5. I feel like I can take personal time off when I need it
  6. At home, I have a dedicated workspace that I am using
  7. I am regularly distracted while working from home
  8. Working from home is causing work and home life to combine in unhealthy ways
  9. I have sufficient direction for my work each day
  10. I have freedom to do my job in the best way I see fit.

Open Response Question

What could your manager and/or organization change to help you be healthy and effective while working from home? Your response is confidential and will be shared anonymously in the results unless you choose to intentionally identify yourself in your response.

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