Statements included in the Burnout Assessment

  1. My work hours rarely interfere with my personal life.
  2. I receive feedback from my manager on a regular basis.
  3. There are career growth opportunities for me at this organization.
  4. I feel that I am able to meet the deadlines set for me at work.
  5. The number of hours I work each week is reasonable.
  6. I get sufficient feedback from my manager about how well I am doing.
  7. I have a promising future with this organization.
  8. I am confident in my ability to handle competing demands at work.
  9. I have adequate time to recover after periods of heavy work.
  10. I am satisfied with how often my manager communicates with me.
  11. Overall I feel this organization is just and fair in the way it treats and rewards employees.
  12. The responsibilities of my job are clear.
  13. I feel like I can take a vacation when I need it.
  14. My manager cares about me as a person.
  15. I am proud of how this organization treats its employees.
  16. Overall, I have a good understanding of what I am supposed to be doing in my job.
  17. I am rarely overwhelmed by pressure at work.
  18. My manager understands what situations create stress for me.
  19. This organization values the work that I do.
  20. It is clear which work responsibilities belong to me versus my colleagues.
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