You can change or cancel the launch time of an assessment before it begins. Please make changes to the launch time at least 48-hours before. Follow these steps to make the update:

Reschedule from the People Insights Dashboard

The timeline section of the People Insights dashboard displays all past and upcoming events for your organization. You can make changes to scheduled dates from the timeline.

1. Go to the Timeline for your organization.

On the timeline, find the event that you want to reschedule.

2. Click on the View Details button.

This will take you to a screen with more information about the event.

3. Click the Reschedule button.

This will open the calendar to let you pick a new time for the assessment. Select a new time and update the event.

Reschedule or Cancel from the Calendly Email

You will receive a confirmation email when you've scheduled your assessment as well as reminders as the launch date draws near. You can cancel or reschedule using the links in the email.

1. Go to the confirmation email sent from Calendly.

Emails will be sent from Emplify Scheduling (via Calendly) <>

2. At the bottom of the email, click on the Reschedule or Cancel buttons.

This will prompt you to select a new launch time or confirm your cancelation.

Reschedule or Cancel from the Calendar Event

If you've added the event to your calendar, you can use the links in the calendar event to cancel or reschedule.

1. Go to the Assessment Launch event on your calendar.

In the event details, click on the link to Reschedule or Cancel.

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