Users can be given access to People Insights to view assessment results or manage employee data. The following roles and permissions are available when granting access:

Select a Role

The following roles are available for an employee in our system:

  • Employee - The employee role allows a user to exist in our system and be included in assessments.
  • Leader - The leader role allows a user access to view assessment results, feedback, and actions.
  • Organization Admin - The organization admin role includes admin capabilities to manage employee and group data. An organization admin can also be given access to results.
  • Account Owner - One user is specified as the account owner for the organization. They have primary responsibility and can manage data and view results.

Determine Access Level

For the leader and organization admin roles, the level of results access can also be selected:

  • Full Access - Users with full access will see assessment results, feedback, and actions for the entire organization.
  • Limited Access - Users with limited access will only see assessment results, feedback, and actions for the groups they have access to. To give a user limited access, select that level and choose the groups they should be able to view.
  • None - Users with no access can manage employee and group data, but cannot see results.
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