The Emplify Leader Action Plan helps you identify an Engagement Driver to focus on improving for your team with recommended action ideas to get started. The action plan can be accessed from the following areas in the Insights Portal:

Home - Use the Guide to Getting Started to access the action plan.

Group Detail - When viewing the engagement results for a group, the Action Planning section is available below the Emplify Score and response rate data.

Action Dashboard - When viewing the Action Dashboard, you can choose to Create New Action.

How to create an Action Plan

To create a new action plan, complete the following steps:

1. Select which group the action is for.

This represents the team or group of employees that will benefit from the action.

2. Choose which Engagement Driver to focus the action on.

Emplify will recommend three potential drivers that could use action. Information about each driver is available to help guide the decision. You can access the full list of Engagement Drivers by expanding the list to View All Drivers.

3. Select the action you will take.

Emplify provides recommended actions that we've seen yield results. You also have the option to add a custom action if you have your own action you would like to implement.

4. Review and submit your action plan.

You can confirm your action plan before it is submitted. 

You will also receive a follow-up email with confirmation of the action you committed to. 

You can review your plan at any time from the Action Dashboard.

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