The List tab in Analyze presents the Emplify scores for the groups you oversee as a "leaderboard." You can quickly understand which groups are doing well and which groups need attention. The following features are available on this view:

Group Name and Score

The groups available for the group type selected are listed from the highest Emplify Score to the lowest score. You can understand more about the score for each group by looking at the color bar next to the group name or hovering on the Emplify Score.

Click on the group name from this list to be able to view full survey results.


If a group has been included in more than one Emplify Survey, the percent increase or decrease in their Emplify Score will be displayed. This helps you identify if a group is improving or experiencing more engagement issues from the previous survey.

Note: If this is the first survey, you've added a new group, or results were not available for a group on the last survey, a "-" will display indicating that there is no change data.

Response Rate

The response rate for each group is listed. This column can be sorted numerically to understand the most recent survey participation for each group.

Response Breakdown

The bar graphs display what percent of employees fall in each engagement bracket within a group. By hovering on the graph, you can see the percent values for each segment. Based on their answers to the Emplify Survey, employees can be:

  • Extremely Engaged (deep green)
  • Highly Engaged (green)
  • Moderately Engaged (yellow)
  • Disengaged (pink)
  • Highly Disengaged (deep pink)

Employees that did not respond to the survey are shown in gray on the graph. The total count of employees in each group is displayed to the right of the graph. 

Hidden Groups

Groups with less than five employees or groups that did not receive five responses from the survey will be displayed as Hidden Groups. To protect anonymity, we have a "Rule of 5" policy where we only show responses for employees in groups of five or more. 

To see these groups turn the Show hidden groups toggle on.

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