Results is the section in the Emplify Insights portal that includes survey data for the group(s) you oversee.  From Results, the following functionality is available:

  • View and compare data for different groups
  • View detailed results for a specific group

View and Compare Different Groups

Results first displays the List and Heatmap tabs. These views show group data categorized by their group type (i.e. department or location). If you oversee groups that are categorized into different group types, you can change the data that is displayed from the dropdown in the upper left corner.

View Detailed Results for a Specific Group

Comparing the results of your groups on the List and Heatmap tab should help identify individual groups that you want to focus on and view more data. To show results for a specific group, click on the name from either of these tabs.

This will open the Group Detail screen with the following information for an individual group:

  • Emplify Score
  • Response Rate and Engagement Breakdown
  • Focus Areas and Engagement Driver scores
  • Group Member List
  • Cross-segment functionality

If you oversee multiple groups that are categorized in the same Group Type, you can switch between these groups using the dropdown in the upper left corner.

To navigate back to the List and Heatmap tabs, click the linked Group Type name in the upper left.

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