Follow these steps to give leaders and managers in your organization access to the Insights Dashboard.

Note: An email is required for login to the Emplify Portal. To give a manager access, first make sure they have an email address listed on their employee record.

1. Go to the Employees list

The list of all employees for your organization is available in the Settings > Employees section in the menu on the left. 

2. Search for the employee record

Make sure you are on the Active tab. Find the employee you want to invite to view results. You can use the Search functionality to quickly find the employee record. Click View to access the edit screen for that employee.

3. Go to Settings > Access to Leader Portal

Scroll to the Settings section. To give an employee access, turn the Access to Leader Portal toggle to Yes

Note: If you have reached the leader limit for your product package, this section will be disabled and display the following message, "Leader Limit Reached." To adjust your limit, contact your Account Manager.

If the leader does not have an email listed, the following message will display, "An email is required to give access to Leader Portal." Once an email has been added to their employee record, Access to Leader Portal can be turned on.

4. Set the access level

There are two access levels you can assign:

Full Access - Employees with Full Access will see the Emplify Survey results for the entire organization.

Limited Access - Employees with Limited Access will only see Emplify Survey results for the groups they have access to. This access works well for managers so they can only see results for the teams they oversee.

To give an employee Limited Access, select that permission level and choose the groups they should have access to.

Note: Limited Access is not available for all product packages. If your package does not include this functionality, the following message will display, "Limited Access leaders are disabled. Contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance." To add this functionality, contact your CSM.

5. Review and confirm

Make sure the employee has the correct access level and select confirm. Employees will receive an email invitation from Emplify notifying them they have access to view results.

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