Click on VIEW from the Employees list to see an employee record and make edits. The employee record is divided in three sections, Employee, Organization, and Settings to make it easy to view data and make changes.


The Employee section contains information that is specific to an employee. This includes their Personal Details and Employment Status.

Personal Details

Click the arrow on Personal Details to edit the following information for an employee:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (a unique email or phone is required for all employee records)
  • Phone (a unique phone or email is required for all employee records)
  • Birth Date

Note: If an employee has access to the Leader Portal to view survey results, their email address cannot be edited as this email is used to login to the portal. To edit an email address for a full access or limited access leader, first turn off their access. You can then edit their email and reassign their access level so they receive a new invitation to the portal and can login with the new email address.

Employment Status

The Employment Status allows an employee to be set to the following:

  • Active - Active employees reflect the current employees for an organization. Employees with an Active status will be included in the Emplify Survey unless set to be excluded.
  • On Leave - Employees that are On Leave are still with the organization but are not currently active. These employees will not be included in the Emplify Survey while they are set to On Leave. When they return to work, they can be set back to Active and will be included in the next Emplify Survey.
  • Terminated Voluntary - Employees that have been set to Terminated Voluntary are no longer with the company because they chose to leave on their own. Terminated Voluntary employees will not be included in the Emplify Survey, but can be restored to Active if they are rehired in the future.
  • Terminated Involuntary - Terminated Involuntary employees are no longer with the organization based on a decision by the organization. These employees will not be included in the Emplify Survey, but can be set to Active again if they are rehired in the future.

To save a status change for an employee, make sure the new status is set, then click CONFIRM.


The Organization section contains the details about an employee that are related to the organization. This section allows for editing of Group Memberships, Attributes, Employer ID, and Employee Start Date.

Group Memberships

Click the arrow on Group Memberships to update the memberships for an employee.

Note: An employee must be assigned to groups to be included in the group reports for the Emplify Survey.

To update a membership, click on the dropdown arrow and select a new group from the list. Changes to group memberships that take place before the Emplify Survey closes will be included in the survey results. To protect anonymity and our "Rule of 5" policy, changes made after the survey closes will not be reflected in survey results or SmartPulse groupings. These will be used in your next Emplify survey.


Click the arrow on Attributes to update attribute assignments for an employee. These are used when displaying survey results for Hidden Attributes.

Employer ID

If your organization uses unique IDs to maintain employee records, these IDs can be included on the employee record in Emplify. Clicking on this field will allow an ID to be added or edited.

Note: If you are using IDs, you cannot delete an ID and leave the field empty as this data is required to maintain accurate employee records.

Employee Start Date

The Employee Start Date is used to determine what group an employee should be associated with for Tenure and Hire Cohort reports. You can type in or use the date picker to edit the date.


The Settings section allows you to control permissions for an employee including if they are Receiving Surveys and have Access to Leader Portal.

Receiving Surveys

The Receiving Surveys toggle is intended to be used if you have a leader who needs access to the Emplify Survey results but doesn't want to be included as a participant in the Emplify Survey. Toggle the Receiving Surveys selector to No and that leader will not be included in the next Emplify Survey.

Access to Leader Portal

The Access to Leader Portal section allows you to share Emplify Survey results with leaders in the organization. Once the selector has been set to Yes, you can select to give a leader Full Access or Limited Access to the results. Employees who have been given access to the Emplify Leader Portal will receive an email notification.

Note: If you have reached the leader limit for your product package, this section will be disabled and display the following message, "Leader Limit Reached." To adjust your limit, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Full Access - Employees with Full Access will see Emplify Survey results for the entire organization.

Limited Access - Employees with Limited Access will only see Emplify Survey results for the groups they have access to. To give an employee Limited Access, select the permission level then choose the groups they will have access to.

Note: Limited Access is not available for all product packages. If your package does not include this functionality, the following message will display, "Limited Access leaders are disabled. Contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance." To add this functionality, contact your CSM.

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