Administrative roles (account owners and organization admins) can manage employee data from the Settings > Employees section in the main menu of People Insights. The Employees section allows you to:

Add a new employee

If you find that an employee was left off the survey, you can use the add employee form to include them in an open survey.

Emplify Tip: We recommend only including employees who have been with your organization for at least six weeks. This allows them to have enough context to answer about their work experience when participating in the survey.

Share survey results with leaders and managers

You can give access to view results to leaders and managers in your organization. The Employees section also allows you to see what leaders have logged in to view their results by displaying the last login date.

Download your employee list for an upcoming survey

In preparation for your next Emplify survey, you can download the previous active employee list from the Emplify Dashboard. This can be used to update your employee list and groups directly on our formatted spreadsheet. 

Update and edit an employee record

You can update the contact information or groups for an employee as needed, without contacting your Program Manager.

Changes made before a survey ends will be reflected in the Emplify Survey results. To protect anonymity and our "Rule of 5" policy, changes made after the survey closes will not be reflected in survey results or SmartPulse groupings. These will be used in your next Emplify survey.

View list of active employees

See a list of active employees who are included in the Emplify Survey.

View list of terminated/on leave employees

See a list of employees who are no longer active and won't be included in the Emplify Survey. 

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