The Emplify Survey helps organizations understand the level of engagement within their workforce. The survey consists of 55 questions and one optional, open response question. The questions focus on two things - the Emplify Score and Engagement Drivers. Employees are then given an opportunity to share an anonymous comment on an Engagement Driver based on their survey responses. The results from the survey help leaders identify the engagement strengths and weaknesses within their organization and teams. This produces trends over time of how engagement is progressing.


  • Send the Emplify Survey to the entire organization. The Emplify Survey is designed to help organizations understand the engagement level of their entire workforce. Results are also displayed for employee segments to focus on areas of the organization that have strong engagement and areas that require action.
  • Follow Emplify's tested methodology. The questions in the Emplify Survey are intentionally worded to assess how engaged employees are. The specific wording helps to identify areas of high and low engagement without being impacted by personality bias. Because the statements have been developed to measure engagement, we do not allow these to be changed. Specific terms in the statements can be adjusted to reflect the terminology in your organization. Learn more about survey wording substitutions here.
  • Emplify manages sending to employees. Emplify will send a unique link to each employee via email or SMS. We require unique contact information for each employee and we'll handle the rest of the process of inviting survey participants and sending reminders to participate.


  • Available for 5 business days. The Emplify Survey open period is intentionally defined to get the best response rate. We've found that five business days give employees enough time to respond, while also creating a specific timeline to drive participation. Emplify has milestone targets for each day during the five days to keep the response rate on track.
  • Track employee engagement quarterly. We survey employees quarterly to evaluate what is working and what is not. This cadence allows employee engagement to be part of the quarterly cadence of the organization as plans and strategies are developed. Read more about the methodology behind our quarterly survey cadence here.


  • Responses are anonymous. We only show results for groups with 5+ responses. This protects the responses of employees so no individual responses can be inferred.
  • Participation is confidential. Emplify does not share which employees did or did not participate in the survey. We want employees to trust the confidentiality of the survey so they are willing to participate in future quarterly surveys.

Response Rate and Reporting

  • Average response rate is 72%. This can vary +/- 10% depending on the accuracy of the employee contact information and the type of contact information.
  • Results are available 2 business days before your results call. Your Employee Engagement Strategist will send you access to the survey results in the Insights Web Portal and an executive summary.
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