Survey Results

When your survey closes and results are available, you will receive an email notification from Emplify. If this is your first survey, your Emplify Strategist will send your designated project lead: 1) an executive summary and 2) Emplify Portal "organization leader/full" access. This access will allow the project lead to view all survey results. Typically, the project lead shares the executive summary with others who will be on the 1-hr results call. The project lead can invite other users to the portal through the Employees section. Typical participants in this initial call include your Emplify Engagement Strategist plus:

  • Executive sponsor (i.e. President, CEO, or VP of HR depending on org size)
  • Highest level HR professional
  • Occasionally another “cabinet/exec” member

SmartPulse Results

SmartPulse comments are available in the Insights Web Portal, the same place where quantitative results live. Once the pulse begins, the response rate and anonymous comments are available by clicking SmartPulse. This view is accessible by default to all "organization leaders" and can be optionally shared later with others. Once the SmartPulse closes, the Strategist will confirm a time for a results call. Recommended participants on the SmartPulse results call are the same as the above.

Timing and Communication Best Practices

One Week after Survey Close

Measure results call with leaders defined above where we discover initial takeaways and SmartPulse targets are confirmed so we can dig in.

1-5 Business Days Later

HR/project lead gives a courtesy heads-up to managers and folks who will be receiving a SmartPulse invite. Then Emplify sends SmartPulse invites (any later than this and we'll skip this time due to relevance for employees). SmartPulse is open and reminders are sent for four business days.

One Week after SmartPulse Close

SmartPulse results call with same group of people initially involved in the measure results call. The Emplify Strategist reviews comment themes and directs focus to 1-3 key actions.

Then the executive sponsor decides which other leaders need access to their own team results. We call them "group leaders," but you should think of them as your trusted lieutenants who will be an active part of engagement change. We recommend that you bring in leaders by org chart authority level and all at the same time within a level i.e. all VPs after survey #1, all Managers after survey #2, etc. Bringing these folks into the fold includes:

  1. Educating them on why engagement matters and disarming any defensive posture
  2. Giving them results access in the Emplify portal to the right data sets (only possible in certain packages, so please inquire with your Emplify Strategist)
  3. Sharing SmartPulse comments for them to read, if applicable
  4. Asking them to choose 1 focus area and holding them accountable to act (ask your Emplify Strategist about 1on1 or group coaching sessions or an action worksheet)

One Week after SmartPulse Results Call

Executive sponsor acknowledges high-level results to whole company either live or via a memo (sample template).

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