Creating your groupings is an important part of the survey process. Defined groups will allow you to understand what areas of your organization are engaged and what areas you need to focus on. Based on your package, you have access to specific groupings*. You can download example spreadsheets that outline the available groupings below. 

1. Which groups does my package include?

Each package comes with pre-defined groupings. However, what's most important for your team is deciding who gets put in each group. Some groups are self-explanatory, while others require more strategic planning from you to be useful. Each package has the following groupings:

Agile Measurement:

  • Department
  • Gender
  • Generation (determined by birthdate or birth year)
  • Ethnicity
  • Tenure (determined by date of hire)

Advanced Insights:

  • Agile Measurement groupings, plus
  • Location (i.e. "HQ," "home office," or actual building or city names)
  • Compensation (i.e. salaried, hourly, non-exempt, variable comp, etc.)
  • Role (Note: while this group type can provide valuable insights, creating groups from job titles may lead to a lot of groups with fewer than 5 employees to report on. Rather than using specific job titles, which can be unique, group employees by type of work (e.g., Office, Field, Executive, Manager, non-Manager, etc.)
  • Shift

Empowered Leadership:

  • Advanced Insights, plus
  • Team Manager
  • Customizable Grouping

2. Group Sizes and Response Rate

To protect employee confidentiality, we only share results for groups where 5+ employees responded. This means that a group needs to have at least 5 employees in it to be able to view engagement results. Many customer see high value by having 8-15 employees per group.

A 100% response rate for a single group is not always typical, and small group sizes can lead to groups where there aren't enough responses to present results. Plan your group sizes based on expected response rates. With a typical response rate of 72%, a minimum group size of 8-10 should be large enough to receive 5 responses.

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* You may not have these packages if you bought before July 1, 2018. For more info contact your Strategist or

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