Who is Emplify anyway?

Emplify has been asked by your leadership to conduct a survey to better understand how its people feel about their work experience. We at Emplify take this very seriously and believe that a team that is engaged in their work can achieve great things.

Some things to know about us:

  • We’re people helping people. We were originally founded in 2012 and are a team of 60+ people who care about creating a world where work is fulfilling. Life is too short for work to suck!
  • We believe in tough love. In order to improve the experience of work, your leadership needs open, honest, and candid feedback from you for improvements to become a priority. Don’t sit on the sidelines, let them know how you feel! It is safe because…
  • Employee confidentiality is very important to us. Your responses will be 100% confidential. To ensure this, we administer all survey delivery, data storage, and analysis independent from your leadership. At no point will they be able to see individual responses. We’ve even created a policy for this (see below).
  • Because we're a technology company, information security is a top priority. All survey responses and employee contact information are stored in our secure system using industry-standard data encryption.

Ok, so what’s in it for me?

Great question! Emplify’s vision is to improve the work experience of 1 million employees. How this happens might look very different for each customer. Here are some examples of what we help our customers with:

  • Getting to the root of workload stressors so teams aren’t stretched too thin
  • Improving communication from leadership on strategic priorities and how those impact your work directly
  • Introducing professional development programs to help with your personal growth
  • Cutting down on politics and morale killers to make the office a better place to spend your days
  • Understanding uneven management practices and recommending manager coaching
  • Improving processes to make your job more efficient

In other words, we set out to find and directly address the biggest obstacles to a great work experience and culture. We don’t let politics and hierarchy get in the way - after all, this is what your leadership signed up for!

What do you mean when you say "Employee Engagement"?

We believe engagement at work is a complex emotional and psychological state that, if achieved, can be very beneficial for both your employer and you. That said, ‘engagement’ is not just one thing… here’s how we define it:

“an employee’s intellectual and emotional connection with an employer, demonstrated by motivation and commitment to positively impacting the company vision and goals.”

In other words, focused purposeful energy towards work tasks and company goals results in benefits to the organization as well as you.

Confidentiality Policy

  • No individual responses are identified. While the Emplify system does know who you are, rest assured no one at your organization has access to raw or individual responses. In fact, results will be presented to your leadership in aggregate by group with no fewer than five employees in any group so individual results cannot be identified. For example, if the “Midwest Office” has 6 people in it but only 4 answered the survey, we will not show scores for this office. However, if these individuals are part of the “Sales” function with many other colleagues across the company, their results will be reported as part of the broader “Sales” grouping. This policy extends to employees who don’t take the survey. We never share the response status of an individual employee with leadership.
  • No contact information is shared. Emplify does not sell personal contact information or use it for any other purpose, and it is protected with industry-standard encryption.

How did you come up with the survey questions?

There's a lot of science behind this! We spend time with university psychologists, we review scholarly research, and we validate survey scales in the marketplace in order to have the most effective standardized survey questions. Every question is intentionally worded. We run reliability and validity tests regularly. In total there are about 50 Likert scale statements taking an average of 6 minutes to complete in total. From these questions we show results for the important components of engagement related to the work itself, the relationships around the work, and the mission/impact of the org. Our methodology strongly recommends sending this survey 3-4x/year--so the questions might start to feel familiar--as this allows us to trend results for your leaders so they can tell what's working and what's not.

I'd like to share comments on the survey. How do I do this?

After you complete the likert portion of the survey, you will have an opportunity to share comments through our Dynamic Feedback feature. We will ask you to provide feedback on an area that you scored higher or lower than other areas on the survey. This feedback will be shared anonymously with management at your organization.

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