Closing the loop with employees on survey results allows them to know that they were heard and action is being taken. This is an important step to build trust in the process and drive participation in future surveys. The sample email below can be used as a guide for the President/CEO when writing this memo, email, or presenting live:


Thank you for taking the employee survey conducted by Emplify. I’m writing to tell you what we found and what we are doing about it. 

  • [percentage] participation rate - thank you for trusting us!
  • Overall engagement at [your company name] is [above/at/below] average
  • Top scoring components include [name of driver] showing that [insert description from your exec summary]
  • Lowest scoring components include [name of driver] showing that [insert description from your exec summary]. We followed up with some teams via Emplify's anonymous comment box to understand these better.

Here’s how these results made me feel [                       ]

Here are some actions we are taking based on hearing your voices:

  1. [Commitment to job performance feedback – more of it and more meaningful feedback. Timing = July.]
  2. [Living our core values through a recognition program. Committee forming now, contact HR to express interest.]
  3. [Doubling down on customer voice by including a working representative from the CS team on regular Product meetings. Timing = immediately.]

You may hear about other actions from your manager. Consider that engagement is a two-way street, so please think about how you can also be part of the solution. While we get better together, we will continue doing 5-minute surveys each quarter so we can understand what’s working and what’s not.

Thank you for your continued trust and commitment,


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